Tiruppur, Jan 22 (KNN) The Tiruppur Exporters Association has called upon the Tamil Nadu Government to designate the Tiruppur knitwear cluster as a "sustainable cluster" in a recent memorandum outlining industry demands for the state budget.

The Association emphasised the global significance of sustainability in the textile supply chain, particularly following the European Union's introduction of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

Recognising the limitations faced by small-scale exporting units in adopting renewable energy, the Association proposed the establishment of common green energy facilities through a special purpose vehicle that includes these smaller units.

Investments in zero liquid discharge, green energy, and tree plantations have positioned the Tiruppur knitwear cluster to be compliant with ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) standards.

K.M. Subramanian, president of the Association, highlighted the cluster's substantial commitments to wind and solar energy, resulting in renewable energy generation four times exceeding its electricity requirements, making Tiruppur knitwear cluster "carbon negative."

In the memorandum, Subramanian stressed the need for the government to declare capital subsidies for investments aligned with ESG norms.

Financial support and subsidies were urged to facilitate investments in green energy by these units or the special purpose vehicle.

The Association specifically requested subsidies for Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) and Individual Effluent Treatment Plants (IETPs) when installing wind/solar power capacities.

Additionally, they called for a revamp of the textile park scheme in consultation with stakeholders.

Tiruppur, contributing to nearly 55 per cent of India's knitwear exports, sought government support to maintain its competitiveness in the global market.

As sustainability takes centre stage in global trade, the Tiruppur knitwear cluster's initiatives aim to align with international standards while seeking government backing to further strengthen its environmentally responsible practices.

Published on : Jan 22, 2024 

Source : (KNN Bureau)

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