TIRUPUR: Textile industry players here are breathing a sigh of relief with the price of cotton yarn coming down by 40 per kilogram.

With the price per candy of 356kg on a downward trend in recent times, yarn prices are also seeing an impact. As of Saturday, the 40s count yarn that was sold at 434/kg has been revised to 394. It was sold at 237 in May 2021.

Falling yarn prices is a welcome sign, said president of Tiruppur Exporters’ Association (TEA) Raja M Shanmugham. “The industry has been talking about yarn price hike for the last 18 months. The revised price came into effect amidst trying times. We expect it to come down further. The trend will pave way for international orders.”

Orders had dried up because of exorbitant yarn prices, president of Tirupur Exporters and Manufacturers Association (TEAMA) M P Muthurathinam said. “Textile manufacturers will not get more orders just because of the 40 dip. The downward trend must continue.”

Published On : 03-07-2022

Source : Times of India

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