Tulip Clothing Pvt. Ltd.


  The orgins of Tulip Clothing Pvt Ltd can be Traced back to 1983 when the business began manufacturing garments for European and australian markets with 50 workers.Today Tulip employs more than 1400 skilled workers witu a sales turn over of US$ million per annum and has expanded its sales network to USA and Canada.
          We at Tulip do not to be the biggest garment company in the world but we do aim at being the best quality garment manufacturer.
Organizational Goal :
          Always work for the best quality and on time delivery which would satisfy the needs and wants of the customer.
Staff & Workers
          Approx . 1100 (up to february 2002)
Sales Network
          Tulip sales network extends to Australia , Europe and United states.
Enterprise Frame
          To enhance the productivity through modernisation of infrastructure and recruiting talents and training them to impecable personnel.
Development Orientation
          We intend to guide the enterprise to a new stage through further deployment of the overseas market by implementing the policy of "sureness, professionalism, renovation and proper utilization of human resources"