Texzone Yarns


  We Texzone Yarns is one of the selling agents of housing yarn of M/S Ambika Cotton Mills, Dindukal
  • Manufacturing high class superior combed yarns.

  • Manufracture of 100% contractination free yarn in US Cotton Yarns and Austrian Cotton Yarn.

  • Manufracture of 100% superior Cotton yarn in US Cotton.

  • Selling Agent, Magnum SPG Mills India (P) Ltd. Manufactureing Combed Poly Cotton Yarns, Poly Cotton Slub Yarn and 100% Spum Polyslub Yarn.

We, Texzone Yarns, is one of the most illustrious names in the manufacture of Hosiery Yarn. Dealing in Hosiery Yarn, the company has gone from strength to strength in its long period of existence. We are one of the leading hosiery yarn suppliers in tirupur. We have highly qualified & competent manpower and latest machinery. Our main strength lies in latest machinery, coordinated work-system and latest management skills. It not only helps us to survive in a healthy manner but also constantly thrive in the competitive market. The manufacturing process is geared as per customer requirement of specifications and delivery schedules.
  Quality control
  Quality is always an issue of primary focus for us. There is a close inspection at every step of manufacturing process so that the end product be accurately in compliance with the quality standards and customer's requirement.
  Customer satisfaction
  Fully satisfied customers are our most valuable assets. The material in strict accordance with the customer requirements & specifications and the on time delivery enhances our reliability & reputation.