Texas Knitting Company


  Our Company is having a vertical setup as well experienced personnel in all levels of operations  to meet Buyer requirements in time. We have a good production capacity to the tune of 20,000  Garments per day.

  We have separate departments of sampling, merchandising, Production, Quality Control,  Shipping and Banking.

  We have good communication system enabling the customers to reach us immediately.

  Quality Policy

  Texas Knitting Company is to manufacture and export premium quality garments with total     customers satisfaction.
  The above policy shall be achieved by.
  Compliance with customer code of conduct.
  On-line Right Communication
  Timely Delivery of Acceptable quality in full quantity.
  Continual improvement and Effectiveness in the quality management system.

  Texas Knitting Company is producing more number Pcs. of garments per month. We are  equipped to offer variety of value additions to the basic garments. Trendy sytles and rigid quality  control are the hallmark of our products. Our product range includes all section be it for men's  Dhoties, Shirtings, white shirts, Jean Readymade Garments. The mainline products are...

»   Dhoties & Shirtings »   White Shirts
»   Polo Shirts »   T-Shirts
»   Shorts »   Skirts
»   Jogging Suits »   Sweat Shirts
»   Ensembles »   Blouses
»   Nightwears »   Pyjamas
»   Leggings »   Cardigans