Siddhi Apparel House



                               Siddhi Apparel House has over 10 years of experience in the manufacture and export of knitted garments for Men’s, Ladies, Boy’s, Girls and Kids in various materials. We particularly specialize in the design, manufacture and export of hi-fashion garments. Siddhi Apparel House stands as an epitome of quality and price. Quality and time delivery is our BACK BONE. We pride ourselves on our customer service. With a strong emphasis on quality in the selection of materials and have a factory located in Tirupur, India. Moreover, armed with strong experience in the industry, we supply both basic and sophisticated designs to our customers and fulfill their specific demands. Accordingly, we successfully build up trust and gain good reputation from both local and overseas customers. These practices will drive our operation continuously from the past into the future. Most of our products are designed and developed in house. But we like to emphasis that customer design are cordially welcome

                    To deliver the
RIGHT product at the RIGHT price at the RIGHT time!

                    we are mainly concentrating on Europen market

Our Certifications :-

              Oeko Tex Certificate 2013-2014 &  S A 8000:2008 Certificate
click here to download our Oeko Tex Certificate 2013-2014
click here to download our S A 8000:2008 Certificate