Selvaganapathe yarns Agency Pvt Ltd



         M/s. Selvaganapathe yarns is an one stop agency that stands tall in supply of speciality yarns, Value Added yarns & knitted fabrics all under one roof.

Our mission to update the market with new product is achieved by practicing, Collective innovation in yarn & fabric sector our identity remains distinct unique in the whole of apparel industry. We could grasp and fulfill the requirements in the fashion industry by constant interaction with buyers, buying agent, R & D People, Garment Manufactures and yarn spinners. Continuous & Consistent effort for developing diverse speciality products in our guiding light for success.

We are also dealing with reputed, quality oriented mills from North & South India. We Are Supply, All Kind of Synthetic, Cotton and Value Added Hosiery Yarns.

      Amsler Effect Slub in 100 % Cotton, Organic cotton, 100 % Lenzing Viscose, Modal & Blends.

  Ø   Indigo Dyed Denim Yarn
  Ø   100% Lenzing Viscose & Blends
  Ø   100% Lenzing Modal & Blends
  Ø   100% Lenzing Micro - Modal & Blends
  Ø   100% Lenzing Pro - Modal & Blends
  Ø   100% Lenzing Tencel & Blends
  Ø   100% Bamboo & Blends
  Ø   100% Polyester & Blends

  Ø   Lenzing Tencel / Polyester
  Ø   Polyester / Viscose with Slub
  Ø   Polyester / Cotton 20/80, 40/60, 50/50, & 65/35
  Ø   Polyester / Cotton 35/65, & 65/35 with slub.
  Ø   100 % Cotton Carded, Combed, Compact S & Z Twist
  Ø   Superior quality, Auto Coro Platinum O.E
  Ø   100 % Supima Cotton (Certified)
  Ø   Cotton / Linen
  Ø   Organic Cotton Grey, Dyed, Melange and Slub
  Ø   Colour Melange in 100% Cotton, P/C and C/V
  Ø   100% Cotton Dyed Yarn
  Ø   Twisted & Roving Grindle

Count Range Ne. 10s to 80s