The Paradise Knitters


                       Paradise is one of the most reliable and prominent name in the knitting dominion of Tirupur. Having been in the industry for more than three decades, we have been specializing in yarn trading and knitting.

                      Paradise had a humble beginning in the year 1970. Now the Total Capital of the concern is Rs. 1100 Lacs.

                     It is a proprietorship concern manned by Mr. Thiagarajan, a very pragmatic and experienced Person . There are four executives under various departments functioning with efficiency and commitment.

Products & Service

                      Our being a trading and fabrication unit catering to customer specification, we are more on the service front rather than on the sales front. We aim at 100% satisfaction from the customer side by providing various services. Door delivery, economy in wastage, proper averaging, timely delivery, etc. are the major highlights of our service desk. Inspite of the services, we never compromise on quality.


                     Stores form a major part of our inverntory maintenance. The wide range of machinery necessitate maintenance of a wide range of needles. Other spares including cams. Cylinders and inverters are maintained in perfect working condition to avoid production loss in times of breakdown.

                     We have around 120 people working inhouse, engaged in various kinds of work. Labour being the backbone of our industry, we provide lot of amenities to keep them in good workshape. This is done by way of providing free accomodation and canteen facilities, healthy and airy work atmosphere in order to preserve their health and of course,  we provide other statutory welfare measures.