Nyle Garments


    Nyle was promoted by Mr.S. Durai in 2000. He has 12 years experience in the industry. He was heading the production and merchandising operations of a large vertical manufacturer for 9 years.

      During his tenure he has successfully handled customers from Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Canada, UK and Finland.

     Nyle is known in the trade for professional approach, crisis management and timely deliveries of goods in quality. Today, Nyle has a capacity to make 50000 pieces of high fashion garments and 75000 pieces of basic Tees per month.

      Mr.S. Durai directly overseas production and merchandising which gives Nyle the ability to cope up with the demands of the customers in time. A trained group of 200 employees assist him towards making Nyle a quality oriented leading exporters from India.