N.S.P Knitting Mills



                     It is our pleasure to present as a leading manufacturer and exporters of knitted garments from knit city tirupur. We started our journey on 1992 as a reputed export house in domestic and overseas markets. The secret of our survival in the competitive world is the unmatched quality standards without compromise; that we wish to introudce as our motto.

                     A well organized administrative set up in department is the backbone of our business. We know how to utilize the manpower in child labors. Nearly 700 resourceful peoples are working along with our managerial team to ensure yout he quality and quantity of your needs we are well aware of the dynamism of the fashion of world. In such a situation we are keeping ourselves as updated and innovative.

                     We deal with all kinds of fabrics like
jersey, interlock, drop needle, waffle, pique, fleece, polar fleece, velour, Terry, haring bone, eye-let, auto stripes, all kinds of ribs flat back, pointel rib, (1x1 rib, 2x2 rib) jacquards adn design fabrics with latest technology. We can produce minimum 1,50,000 pieces/month of Men's ladies, girls, boys, kids and infant wears in various styles. Our special items are ladies casual and night wears.


                     Our in-house lab is spread over 400 Sq.Ft and is designed to match international standards. Quality checks are carried out during every stage of production. They form an integral part of our activity throughout our production. All our personnel are trained in the very best ways and methods to ensure consistent quality. Experienced technocrats are involved during every audit of quality. Customer's quality requirements are adhered to, strictly.