With a contraction of 14 per cent in knitwear exports during 2023–24, India's textiles export hub Tiruppur is back in positive terrain in 2024–25, with the first three months seeing a rise in exports.

The scope for expansion of the knitwear cluster in Tiruppur through export of MMF (manmade fibre) garments will be examined, S.C.L. Das, Secretary, Ministry of MSME, said on Wednesday.

An interactive session was held with garment exporters in Tiruppur on Thursday on Japanese Style Inspection and Quality Requirements by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnership (AOTS), Japan, under India-Japan Partnership in Industrial Competitiveness.

Secondly, they demanded the creation of Tiruppur Export Hub for interconnecting and integrating several industry processes to help knitwear exporters to fast-track process.

USITC team visited Tiruppur to assess India's garment manufacturing, focusing on technology and sustainability, for a report to the US Government.

The Tirupur Stakeholders Forum, which includes members of the knitwear industry, trade unions, NGOs, government departments and brands and buyers, has decided to constitute committees that will identify major challenges in the Tiruppur knitwear cluster and arrive at deliverable solutions.