The Ministry of Textiles, through its initiative, Project SAMARTH, continues to make substantial strides in enhancing skill development program. As part of this endeavour, over 115 training centers have been actively engaged in training programs. The second phase payment for these training institutes, overseen by the Tiruppur Exporters Association, was officially released, marking a significant milestone in the project’s progression.

Aligned with the Government of India’s multifaceted skill development programs, Project SAMARTH operates under the umbrella of initiatives aimed at empowering the apparel industry workforce. Earlier, the Tiruppur Exporters Association had secured an allocation for skill development, targeting 8,500 workers within the SAMARTH scheme.

Of this allocation, 5,510 new workers have already completed their training, showcasing tangible results in skill enhancement. The disbursement of Rs. 82,50,000/- to diverse training institutes throughout Tamil Nadu, via cheques, was symbolically presented during a ceremony hosted at the Padmashri Dr. A. Sakthivel Auditorium.

Addressing the gathering, K.M. Subramanian, President of the Tiruppur Exporters’ Association, appreciated the aspects of Project SAMARTH. He congratulated all the project beneficiaries while expressing gratitude to the stakeholders instrumental in executing the initiative. Emphasising the potential for further improvement, he highlighted the prospects of bolstering the project through increased allocations from the Central Government.

R. Gopalakrishnan, Treasurer of the Tiruppur Exporters Association, emphasised the safety, quality, and hospitable facilities of Tiruppur factories. He reiterated the industry’s readiness to employ trained workers from across Tamil Nadu.

Kumar Duraiswamy, Joint Secretary informed that the Tirupur Exporters’ Association has developed an environment where various programs of the Central  Government could be effectively implemented.

Dr. A. Sakthivel, Honorary Chairman appreciated the activities of the  SAMARTH program and appreciated the committee of the association and its members,  the officers in the administration and the owners of the training institutes who were  implementing the program all over Tamil Nadu.

Closing the event, R. Sundar, Member of the Skill Development & SAMARTH Scheme Sub Committee and Executive Committee Member of the Tiruppur Exporters’ Association, extended a vote of thanks.

This concerted effort has seen 5,510 workers successfully complete their training, securing employment in various companies across Tamil Nadu or venturing into entrepreneurship—an encouraging testament to the project’s impact on empowering the workforce.

Published on : 12th December 2023

Source : Apparel Resources

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