Mayur Links


About Us :

     Founded 1971, Second generation, family owned garments manufacturing factory Mr. K. Govindaswamy, who still heads the company, today Mayur Links, has become a highly successful manufacturer and exporter of ladies, men's and children's knitted and woven garments. The company operates a very export-oriended marketing strategy and has successfully established itself on the international market, supplying high-quality clothing items to world-reowned fashion houses, departmental stores, major retail chains and mail order companies.

Proximity :

     The Company proximity to both the city's Coimbatore Airport and National highways provides the ideal transport infrastructure, facilitating travel and access for both visitiors and deapatch of the finished goods. The production plant stands in approximately 10,000 sq. m. of grounds and includes several purpose-built buildings that house the most modern and up-to-date equipment, machinery and offices.

Production :

     The Company develops and produces its own fabrics from first-class quality yarns to fashionable finished garments. Mayur Links employs some 150 highly skilled and trained personnel who ensure a production output of some 100,000 items per month. In addition to this, tha necessary provisions are in place to ensure that this output can easily be increased in accordance with the ever-changing market requirements. Strict quality control measures are implemented at every stage of the operation, ensuring unbeatable quality in the final garment.

     A number of smaller collections are regularly introduced ensuring that clients are always presented with the latest treands and developments in the fashion world. In short, the company's policy and activities are entirely customer-satisfaction oriented, and both management and personnel take great pride in producing continuous to-quality work and wares. In today's increasingly difficult and competetive times the company's continued growth and reputation bears witness to this fact.

Our Objectives are :

     The entire range of our products to meet our Customers requirements and to completely cover highest Standards of AQL 2.4.

     To meet our Customers greatest satisfaction of needs from the very first contact with Mayur Links and repeatedly an each and every cut-out, at the lowest possible cost.

     The achievement of the total annual measurable quality objectives determined by Myur Links. The continued improvement of the Company's position in the market, andimprovement of the Company's entire results.

For achievement of the above,

     Mayur Links has defined and applies a Quality Control System, which includes all Enterprise's vital operational aspects, which influence the Quality of products and Services produced by the Company.

     The Quality Control System is followed, maintained and improved through the Evaluation and Revision inspection Schedules. It is drawn thus so as give weight to the prevention, without underestimating the corrective actions mechanism, when non-conformity to the System's requirements occurs.