KG Exim


About Us :

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as KG Exim, a group of professionals specialised in Foreign trade Consultancy.

We offer the expertise of seasoned Export - Import Consultancy to take care of the professional need of exporters in availing various export related benefits / incentives, import licences etc., available under EXIM policy.

We offer "Total Consultancy" - right from finding out the most beneficial scheme, drawing - up of various applications and documents, its submission to Licensing authorities, follow -up at every stage till realisation of the benefits.

Our specialty is to take up these assignments on a total turn-key basis, so that the company executive's time and energy can be better utilised in a more beneficial way, leaving the cumbersome and high volume documentation and its submission / follow - up etc., to KG Exim, who are specialised to do the same.