High Breetd Fashions



High Breetd Fashions are industrial leaders in Manufacturing and Exporting the highest quality Knitted and Woven Garments as well as Home Textiles. Our dedication towords the creation of quality products stems from 3 decades of productive billiance in the field of fashion.

Our Missin of High Breetd Fashions is centered on our relentless endaavor to produce gaments of the highest quality at affortable rates using our expertise and modern facilities at Tirupur.

Approach :

Expertise and Facility The fashion trends of today require a great deal of expertise and flexibility tempered with the ability to corroborate with the preferences and ideas of the clients. Our mechanized tailoring units also adhere to the strictest codes of quality and productivity while still retaining the human touch and attention to detail which only experienced artisans possess.

Focus on Customer Relations :

High Breetd Fashions shares an active and inclusive relationship with our buyers. Our unique ability to understand and comprehend the needs of our clients distinguishes us from our competitors. Our expertise also enables us to adhere to any challenge, timeline or task demanded from us by our customers.Speed and Timely Delivery :

Our state-of-art tailoring facility as well as its well-trained, dedicated team of labours and staff will ensure the timely delivery of the buyers requested products.

Industry Specialists :

While our services are employed by a wide range of fashion houses, we passess a proven track record in the knitted apparels, woven & home textiles markets.