Fantasy Exporrt




"Journy of thousand miles begins with a single step". Trusting this saying, Fantasy group of companies made a very good beginning as an exporter in 1998. It has a strong ability in the area of sourcing and manufacturing ready made garments. With an unwavering eye on quality, we are servicing our buyers situated at various parts of the world.

We committed for prompt delivery and fullfill all the requirements of our buyers. Backed by the vision dedication, hard work and commitment of the founders, the company grew from strength to strength and today is recognized as one of the leading players in the knitwear industry.

We been producing organic clothing for our customers which is becoming much popular in the eco-friendly world.


From knitting, dyeing, bleaching to stitching, embroidering, finishing and packing, Fantasy Exporrt has an integrated facility to ensure seamless prodution process.

That's the reason why Fantasy exporrt could meet the requirements of customers in terms of quality, quantity and timely delivery.

Our state of the art production unit as access to world-class macghinery manned by a team of skilled and trained professionals.

our production line uses cutting edge technology to deliver products on par with international quality, consistently for our clients.

We stick to our delivery schedules, each and every time without compromising on quality.


Fantasy Exporrt is dedicated and committed to excel to achieve excellence in tis ready made garment manufacturing operations by integrating its initiatives towards quality, enviroment and social accountability :

We are committed to,

  • Provide cost effective & quality garments to the customer and enhance customers satisfaction.
  • Ensure safe and environmental - Friendly processes through active involvement of all employees thereby preventing pollution.
  • Improving continualyy the overall effectiveness of our operating systems and management systems and environmental performance by setting challenging targets and review of policy.
  • Comply with applicable legal and statutory norms, the requirements of the international standards and the organizations health & safety policy.
  • Control and conserve energy resources through waste redection, reuse, recycling and by raising the awareness amongst the employees, customers, suppliers and the public at large .
  • Create the awarness amongst the employees and their wefare, customers, suppliers and public.