Faast Tees International


We are one of the leading Apparel Exporter in Tirupur Since 2005. We produce all kinds of Knitted and Woven garments for Men, Women and Kids.

Production :

We have a sound production capacity of more than 300 machines that are placed in various locations.We as a team produce all kinds of Knitted and Woven Garments for Men, Ladies, Junior, Kid and Infants. We produce all range of garments like, T-Shirt, Polo, Tank tops, Pullovers, Legging, Pyjamas, Shorts, Bermudas, Formal Shirts, Ladies Blouses and all kinds of Undergarments. All our vendors are vertically integrated organisations that can offer shorter lead times, sharper prices, consistency and flexibility.

Besides production strength, we always use to meet our buyers in regular intervals to understand and update our business parameters and policies. We are currently supported by a network of manufacturers who demonstrate strong work ethics, environment consciousness and social responsibility.

Merchandising :

Since the beginning we have developed merchandising capabilities that will be hard to replicate. Our Systems and experience in working with premium brands helps us to grow constantly with no back steps. Our know-how lies in creating time and action plans that ensure smooth transitions from idea to product. Process-orientation also helps us integrate client profiles with suitable vendors and to deliver on quality and time frames without sacrificing one for the other.

Quality :

To us, quality control is not just about supervision and a regimen of checks that starts after production. Our quality assurance process begins from getting the right base fabric. This means checks and balances are in place for selection of yarn, knitting, weaving, compacting and dyeing stages, and continue throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Our in-house quality monitoring system and testing standards for construction particulars, dimensional stability, colourfastness, final garment appearance and finish have helped us meet the quality parameters set by our buyers

Research & Development :

We have a separate team that formed and working for new research in Raw material, Fabric Structures, Silhouettes, Embellishments, Prints, Embroideries, Finishing, All kinds of washing treatments and packing too.

New garment dyeing techniques, exciting washes, hot finishes, fabric innovations, and ability to implement unique features both in sampling and in bulk - all come together to meet your requirements and to offer exciting solutions.

Logistics :

We believe in "end-to-end" management of the buying process in a manner that will keep your sourcing operations risk free and profitable. We extend complete support to logistics and commercial teams. This support that is available from packing to point of deliv