D.S.P. Knitting Co.


DSP Knitting Company is a partnership firm that started its operations in 1967. It operates with seven plants at Tirupur, Tamil Nadu consisting of knitting machines, stitching machines, embroidery machines, elastic machine, dyeing machine and packing unit.

The plants have the capacity to produce around 100,000 pcs of basic T-shirts, 300,000 pcs of lingerie and 100,000 pcs of garments p.m.

The plants operate at an average capacity utilisation of 75%. DSP Knitting earns 80% of its revenues from the domestic market and 20% from the export market.

Some of its international clients include Primark, Taco, Jules, Maris, Peacock Stores, Disney and Cyprus. It exports to the UK, France, Germany and the US among others. Its quality certification include ISO 9001: 2000.