The Crystal Clothing Company



Founded in 1971 with its roots in the undergarment and hosiery industry, Crystal today is one of India's largest manufacturers of infant’s, children’s and adult knitwear. The company, which employees more than 1800 personnel, is also one of the few if not only one of a handful of companies across South East Asia, that is vertically integrated, focused on yarn processing through the final cut and sew operation.

With a turnover of approximately US$20 million, the Crystal Group of Companies, which includes

- Crystal Knitters
- The Crystal Clothing Company
- Crystal Knitters Private Limited
- Sadhanna Spinners

Crystal group is based in Tirupur, a major textile city in southern India. Tirupur is closer to Coimbatore which is often referred as the ‘Manchester of the South India’.

Management :

Crystal is a family owned and operated group company run by Mr.V.Shriprakash and Mr.V.Vijaysekar sons of the founder, Mr.K.Venkatapathy. The family maintains total ownership of the company and manages all operating issues with assistance from various executives with extensive and proven experience in textile and apparel manufacturing.

Total Vertical Integration :

Crystal Group is one of a handful of companies across South East Asia that is totally vertically integrated. Starting from yarn production to knitting, fabric finishing, printing, embroidery and cut and sew operations. All of the processes are managed in-house affording the ideal combination of highest quality garments and very competitive prices.

List of Customers :

We have long established clients across Europe,
some of the clients include:
- C & A, Europe
- Karstadt, Germany
- S.Oliver, Germany
- The Walt Disney Company (Official licensee)
- European Brands Organisation Bv, The Netherlands
- Magazine De Bijienkorf, The Netherlands
- Du Pareil Au Meme, France
- Sergent major, France
- Cake walk, Netherlands
- Intrade, Finland
- Group Zannier, France

Certification :

The Company is the first in India and only the second in South East Asia to obtain the most prestigious OEKO TEX 100 Class I for a complete range i.e. Fabrics, Printing, Embroidery and Accessories. This has been honored for us for continuous six years in a row.

The Company, its facilities, manufacturing processes, work environment and labor practices have been audited and approved by various customers including the Walt Disney company and Federated Marketing Group, USA.