Craft Knit Garments


 Craft Knit Garments basically a knitted Garment manufacturing and exporting company established in Tirupur during the year 1988.Craft adopts new technologies and is well equipped to face the challenges in International regime.Craft assures customers of quality,consistency and dependable delivery schedules at internationally competitive prices.

 We are manufacturing knitted garments such as High Fashion Garments, Polo T-Shirts, Woven Night Wears, Briefs & Trunks(for both men's and women's), Men's Wear, Women's Wear and kids Wear. Our main theme is to maintain quality in our manufacturing product and to satisfy our supplier. This is our core in our organization.


 100% Cotton, 100% Viscose, Cotton/Elasthanne, Viscose/Elasthanne, Cotton/Viscose, Cotton/Polyester,     Viscose/Polyester, Cotton/Viscose/Polyester.
 All Over Printed, All Over Embroidered, Garment Dyed, Tie & Dye, Dip Dye, Crushed, Peach Finish, Burn-out, Special     Washed ( Bio Wash, Enzyme Wash, Softener Wash, Silicon Wash, Stone wash ) etc.,
 As well as making KNITTED & WOVEN styles combine.
Major Production Styles Production Capacity
* Rompers & Jump Suits for Kids 20 - 30, 000 Pcs / Month
* Pyjama Sets (Short & Long) for Boys, Girls, Men & Women 20 - 30, 000 Pcs / Month
* Skirts, Night Wear & Long T-Shirts for Girls & Women 20 - 30, 000 Pcs / Month
* T-Shirts & Polo-Shirts in all Styles for Children & Adults 30 - 40, 000 Pcs / Month
* Sweat Shirts, Jackets & Pull Overs for Children & Adults 10 - 20, 000 Pcs / Month
Average Production Capacity 1,40,000 Pcs / Month