Amman Colour Lab


           When you think of Colours the name to remember is - "AMMAM COLOUR LAB ". We are the No. 1 HT-TP Dyeing in Tirupur. We are the dying people of All Accessories and Cotton.

               AMMAM COLOUR LAB is fully equipped with the latest machines from the world leaders, it offers state-of-the-art services to ensure shorter lead time with no compromise on quality.

Our Quality Assurance :
            The strength of our company lies in its production unit that is equipped with all the latest machines. Our products pass through stringent quality control test before they arrive in the market. LAB MINOLTA Color matching system from India to get perfect co lour prediction and quick matching of lab shades, above system is supported by infra red advanced lab dyeing machines for producing labshade. We follow by the innovative methods and latest technology. Our success is based on attaining the Total Customer Satisfaction.

Products :
   We are Specialist Dyers in Metal Button Painting with Ledfree Painting

   »  Felt fabric    »  Acrylic yarn
   »  Mess fabric    »  All type of elastic, lace
   »  Satin cloth    »  Cotton lace, twill tape
   »  Tafato cloth    »  Press button painting
   »  Nylon fabric    »  All types of button zip
   »  Velvette fabric    »  All special accessories
   »  Poly cotton  

Winch Capacity :
        5 Kgs         -        2 nos
      10 Kgs        -       3 nos
       25 Kgs       -       3 nos
       50 Kgs       -       2 nos
       75 Kgs       -       2 nos
     100 Kgs       -        1 no