Biolace Cozy is designed for topsheets and it is a superior material in softness compared to other topsheets, which assures unmatched user comfort. Biolace Cozy also excels in masking and ghosting stains.

Coloreel launched its first thread colouring unit at the Avantex Paris fair, which focuses on innovations for the textiles and fashion industry, in September.

Gelvenor recently attended the African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites show in Port Elizabeth on the 7th – 9th November, 2018, along with 300 other delegates.

Amazon is relying more on its marketplace to sell apparel, and by itself offers fewer Adidas and Nike products than Macy's despite Nike's tie-up with the e-commerce giant, according to a report from Coresight Research.

Textile start-up company TexDel is using filament yarns as a delivery mechanism for vitamins, supplements, pain relief treatments and a variety of medications.

Keith Broadbent, COO at Haydale said that, “The close relationship with our colleagues at WCPC is now bearing fruit with a range of robust, stable, high performing inks and coatings emerging from extensive development work and finding commercial applications in wearable technology, printed sensors and thermal management. We are also looking forward to exploring other opportunities with EIS in their quest for improved performance.”