Coimbatore: A wall painting in the Warli style made by students of NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion in Tirupur depicts the apparel supply chain, in which Tirupur plays a major role.

The painting depicts the chain right from cotton cultivation, converting it into fibre, yarn, fabric, knitting process and garments. This is followed by quality checking, bundling, packing, exporting from Cochin and Tuticorin ports, goods clearance, buyer plan and product allotment, and ends with a fashion show in Paris.

Warli style of painting is the trademark of the Warli community in Maharashtra and surrounding areas. “We have depicted the entire supply chain in the painting. As Warli painting is basically a storytelling art form, we have imagined the story of the fashion industry in Warli style,” said assistant professor Boopathy Vijay.

While Warli paintings are made on a mud base with white figures painted using rice powder, Boopathy said the students used maroon emulsion and acrylic white paint for durability. “The painting has been done on a 350sqft wall. We sketched several ideas for the concept on paper and finally arrived at this one,” he told TOI.

While Warli painters use stencils for drawing the figures, the students made freehand sketches, said R Sanjay Kumar, a IInd year Costume Design and Fashion student, who, along with M Vasanth Kumar a IInd year Apparel Fashion Designing student, did the painting. S Sabariz, P Manish, G Prakash, and A Kavin — all IIIrd year students, were involved in preparation and background work. They worked for a whole month to complete the painting.

The students are planning to bring in all styles of art on the campus walls, Boopathy said. They had done an abstract painting, a graffiti painting and caricature.

Published On : 18-10-2020

Source : Times of India

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