ThreadSol, the pioneer in enterprise material management for sewn products' industry, gathered top garment manufacturers, technocrats and top technology providers to imagine the future of the garment manufacturing business in Bangladesh during the recent edition of 'Apparel Tech-up' organised in Dhaka. The sit-down included two panel discussions.


          The event explored a range of pivotal subjects set to impact the future of garment manufacturing in the country, in particular three fundamental elements: resource optimisation, lowered costs and improved outputs. Participants also took a closer look at how these best manufacturers in Bangladesh rely on a combination of technology and best practices to deliver timely output without compromising on quality or cost.


          Demonstrating the power of advanced technology, ThreadSol presented its focus on harnessing change. "Factories in Bangladesh need automation and data analytics more than ever. The productivity gains could be significant as even a modest 3-4 per cent saving of fabric would add millions of profits that could be invested for the future," Manasij Ganguli, CEO at ThreadSol, told the audience.


          The participant technologies were Gemini CAD, Ozbilim, Euro CAD, South-west Asia Corporation, Gerber Technology, Eton and Avantec.


          A panel discussion on technology aided decision making where Adrian Key, account manager of Gemini, provided context on new challenges that companies are facing in the region and how technology is a solution that can aid the manufacturers in this dynamic industry.


          The second discussion was on fast fashion as the future of apparel production. Syed Naved Hussain, CEO (textiles) at Beximco Bangladesh spoke about how manufacturers should adopt to the fast fashion environment of consumerism.


          The top manufacturers who participated included Sunman group, PDS group, Amber group, Doboniar group, Essential clothing, Meghna knit composite, Saint John textiles, Taj knitting, Anowara and many more.


          A recurring theme throughout the event was the notion that locking-in the right partnerships, with the right innovations, will enable apparel companies in Bangladesh to turn challenges into opportunities.


          "By anticipating change, and placing customers' needs at the heart of its technology, ThreadSol is committed to continually innovating, helping its customers to succeed in a fast-evolving industry," concluded Anas Shakil, country-head (Bangladesh) at ThreadSol.


          Overall, the sit down was a unique and excellent opportunity to hear from both technocrats and promoters of technology on one side and the end user on the other side on how some of the best manufacturers in Bangladesh have integrated technology into their setups and realised benefits.


Source : Fibre2fashion

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